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Astrophotography is the practice of using digital cameras or a digital camera mounted on a telescope to take pictures of the night sky. If you have just started astrophotography, congrats! You are well on your way to a fun, possibly lifelong, hobby. Astrophotography is great for those simply interested in the night sky, or the beauty of the cosmos. Here, we will offer 5 quick tips that can produce better astrophotography almost instantly. Get your cameras ready!


Go Long

We don’t just mean for the shot. Start out by adjusting the settings of your camera. You will want a long shutter speed. Your ISO will have to be set at the fastest possible as well. A wide aperture is also important. Read the manual of your camera and adjust these settings. This can help you to capture more light in your images. More light means your final images will appear brighter and clearer

Don’t Be Afraid to Edit

Which brings us to our next tip: don’t be afraid to edit! Using a photo editing tool is standard for photographers. This does not matter what sort of photos they are taking. Use a program like Photoshop to correct mistakes. In these sorts of programs you can correct colours, brighten images, and crop images. Taking time to edit photos will help you to produce much better results.

Make an Investment

Opt for a great telescope if mounting your camera. Believe it or not, your quality of equipment can really matter, here. This is especially true if you are trying to capture deep space images. With a cheaper telescope, or even just your camera and a tripod, you can still capture interesting images. Just don’t expect them to be spectacular without having invested some time and money. And remember that even with fantastic equipment, you will still have to be patient.

Do Research, First

Before even entering the field, acquaint yourself with the night sky near your home. In this way, you will be able to locate things like planets, satellites, certain constellations, and more. Knowing these things can help you to get a better idea about where and how you should set-up your equipment. Even if you have a remote or computer program to move your camera, you should still know where objects are in the sky as you are shooting.

Shoot in the Darkest Place Possible

This is a tip we cannot stress enough. Less light means a clearer view of the night sky. If you are living in the suburbs or the city, don’t expect your pictures to be very bright or exciting. Colours and objects can become fuzzy when competing with other light sources. We recommend trying somewhere as far away from man-made light as possible. A park or farm is a good place to start. Take a few nights to explore the sky, there. Once you have a feel for things bring your equipment out and start shooting. With a bit of practice you will be producing breathtaking images.


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