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There is a great deal of debate regarding various kinds of proofing for binoculars. What most of this comes down to is the kind of construction and proofing regarding the binoculars. Where as some binoculars say that they are water resistant, other says that they are weather resistant, water protected, and even water proof. Only the last is actually capable of keeping water out. Lets take a look at these water proof and fog-proof binoculars to see what advantages they have over their only partially resistant cousins.

Waterproof Binoculars

Your binoculars last longer

When you purchase water proof and fog-proof binoculars, you are going to have a pair of binoculars that last significantly longer then competitors. This all comes down to the better design that water proof binoculars have. Water proof binoculars are designed to be tightly sealed, allowing no water or moisture from fog inside. As a result, all internal components of the binoculars receive less ware and tare.

Reduces the chances of lens fogging

One of the most annoying things that happens with binoculars are when the lenses fog up. This is caused by moisture getting into the interior of the binoculars. This can be either a temporary problem or permanent set back depending on the amount of moisture inside the binoculars. Water and fog-proof binoculars do not have to worry about this.

Worth the Cost

Water and fog-proof binoculars are more expensive then their water resistant, weather resistant, and fog resistant counter parts. Though more expensive, water proof binoculars are worth the cost as they will last significantly longer then other varieties. The costs in replacing only partially water resistant binoculars will overcome the initial cost of the water proof binoculars over time. If you are looking for a pair of binoculars that will last as long as you, then go for the water proof and fog-proof variety.

Better Made

If nothing else, water proof binoculars are made better. There is a greater attention to detail during construction. This close eye for detail does lead to a greater cost, but also a greater more refined product. If you are currently in the market for waterproof binoculars that will not fail, then consider fully water proof binoculars. That way, even if the worst case scenario happens, like dropping the binoculars in water, they will still work.


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