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For all the adventurers out there, whether you are bird watching, hunting or sight seeing, sometimes you want to get a closer look. And binoculars allow you to do just that. The question is should you use them with your glasses on or should you take them off when looking through your binoculars. Which binoculars are suitable for eyeglasses users?

Binoculars Eyecups

Most binocular models will allow you to comfortably view your scene even while you are wearing your sunglasses or eyeglasses they are specifically designed to give you longer eye relief, which refers to the distance that images are projected out of the ocular lens and to the focal point. It can vary from 5mm to 23mm.

If you wish to use your binoculars with sunglasses or eyeglasses, then you should look for binoculars that give you at least 15mm of eye relief. Keep in mind that without eye relief, you may not be able to see the full viewing field. Also, when you are using your binoculars, you should understand the right use of eyecups, which can be adjusted for any binocular. A rubber eyecup may be able to be folded down and a newer kind that can twist or slide up on the binoculars eye piece.

If you wear eyeglasses and use binoculars, you must always be sure that the binocular eyecup is rolled back while you are using your binoculars. This will give you the widest view possible through your binoculars. On the other hand, if you do not wear eyeglasses, you will enjoy using your binoculars much more if you extend the eyecups fully and place them in the up position. This will help the binocular eyecups to touch your face comfortably and help to keep the lateral light out.

Binoculars are a magnifying glass to the beautiful world you live in. They can open you up to scenery and animals that you may have never been able to see otherwise. Sometimes it may be difficult to find the right pair of binoculars because there is such a wide array of possibilities available. The best way to find the right binoculars is to look for one that will fit your personal needs. That is to where you will be using your binoculars the most. Our expert buyer guides below can assist you in making a better decision according to your preferred application.


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