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Depending on how often you are out and about, you may find yourself needing binoculars to take it all in. In addition, if you are using them during the day and night, then you may be asking yourself if night vision binoculars are worth it. Lets take a moment to compare the two types as well as list the pros and cons of each.

Binoculars vs. Night Vision Binoculars

Pro Binoculars:

Wide Selection Available: You can’t beat the selection that comes with buying binoculars. From a number of different brands come binoculars in all shapes and sizes. From those specifically designed to be light weight to the very powerful long range variety and everything in between, you can find a binocular for just about any sight seeing challenge.

Con Binoculars:

Can see as long as there is light: Binoculars function by gathering and amplifying light from outside to form a clear, zoomed in image. If you are using binoculars during the night, then there will be very little light for the binoculars to pick up. You may luck out with a full moon and a cloudless night, but barring that you will need some way to see during the night.

Pro Night Vision Binoculars

Lets you see at night: Making up for the major deficit of regular binoculars, the night vision binoculars allow you to see clearly at night. With specially designed lenses created to pick up on additional light, these binoculars will make night vision long distant watching a breeze.

Con Night Vision Binoculars

Costs more money then binoculars: On average, night vision binoculars will cost you more then similar standard binoculars. While this does not matter for some, binoculars can start to get pricy the better quality you buy. If you need the binoculars for both day and night, then consider going for a standard pair.

Highly selective use: Night vision binoculars are great if you are stationary, and viewing things from a long range away. However, if you are hunting at night, then you might want either night vision goggles or a monocular. In addition, it will be very hard to use any night vision device during the day.

In the end, what it comes down to is your intended use. If you are only sightseeing at night, then you should strongly consider night vision binoculars. In all other cases, standard binoculars are a better choice.


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