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Marine Binoculars

If you enjoy a lot of water activities, such as sailing, boating, whale watching or fishing, you will find that marine binoculars are worth the investment. The devices are usually filled with nitrogen and rugged, or come with fog and waterproofing to protect them against the water conditions. These factors also help with handling various humidity levels and temperatures.

The Fujinon 7x50mm marine binoculars are among the most popular options. When out at sea, 7x or 8x is the maximum magnification worth buying. Due to the motion of the boat, anything higher will not offer a stable and high quality image. The large 50mm lenses allow for extra light to come through resulting in a bright image even in low-light conditions (early mornings, dusk and night). Image stabilised binoculars such as the waterproof Fujinon 14×40 Techno-Stabi are also a good option – yet more expensive of course. It is possible to get smaller models, even as low as 8x25mm but these are not the best when the light conditions are poor – it will be near impossible to distinguish between colours and objects.

Focusing with marine binoculars is different from many other types. Since the target will not change its proximity as quickly as when doing other activities, focusing each eye separately and buying binoculars with individual focus is beneficial. The models that offer this usually mean that the alignment is better and there aren’t as many moving parts; so less to fail. If you want to benefit from no adjustments, consider buying binoculars that are focus-free.

NOT SURE WHICH ONES? Click HERE to try our Marine Binoculars Buyer Guide.

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