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Zeiss Binoculars

When high-performance optics are needed, Carl Zeiss is a place to turn. Whether they’re for cultural journeys, watching nature or just general use outdoors, they will capture most moments.

The VICTORY HT is the new revolution when it comes to observation. With the SCHOTT HT-glass, up to 95% of light is transmitted through the lenses to offer better viewing earlier in the day and later at night. Along with that, users benefit from the Double-Link-Bridges and Comfort-Focus-Concept to allow for a more robust design with better ability to focus.

The Victory FL series of binoculars offer excellent levels of performance and sharp detail. The colors look natural and bright, while the focusing is quick. Something that helps to set the FL series apart from the rest is the compact size. They’re great for catching the tiniest detail while bird watching to see the species or for outdoor trips with a group. You can really enjoy your time out.

The CONQUEST HD series is especially compact and light, aiming to be the first premium device you need. The brilliance of the image helps in all situations, along with the color reproduction and high performance. You can have a specialist set of binoculars without having to blow your budget.

Zeiss binoculars are small enough for all activities. They are great for quick movements when watching birds or when needing to see signs from a large distance. You will never have a problem with bridging the gap, no matter how quickly you need to do it.

Zeiss VICTORY Binoculars

Victory HT

These binoculars offer around 95% more transmission of light, which means you see much more than ever before. Along with that, you gain the high transmission glass, SCHOTT HT, along with a multi-layer coating made from the Carl Zeiss T* brand. An Abbe-Konig-prism system is in place to allow the brightness to be a step above all the others on the market. You can view and observe even in poor lighting and start earlier in the morning – or finish later into the night. Part of the features are the innovative ergonomics and elegant style. Those looking for ease of use will not be disappointed with the Comfort-Focus-Concept.

Victory FL

What makes the Victory FL worthwhile? The brilliant colors that look natural, the quick focusing and the sharp details are just three things to mention. The colors are so defined that you will be able to see even the slightest difference in shades on butterfly wings or the feathers of birds, thanks to the fluoride glass. It doesn’t matter whether you are up close or just scanning the herds and flocks. There is never the need to worry that you will miss something. Focusing is quick and easy, with just the turn of a wheel. Within a second you will go from the distance to up close. The brightness is also second-to-none, making them perfect for watching owls at twilight or viewing the animals on a darker day. Experience the quality of ZEISS with the Victory FL binoculars.

Victory Compact

The natural world and birds are all around, whether you’re taking a long tour around a beautiful island or just strolling in your local park. When you’re looking around, you want something light and easy to fit in the pocket, which is gained perfectly from the Victory Compact. These Carl Zeiss binoculars still offer the high-performance and quality, but make it easy to slip the binoculars in your pocket and forget that they are even there! They are even great for children! They are excellent for travelling and when observing nature in your own backyard and have quality that is confirmed through awards and reviews.

Zeiss CONQUEST Binoculars

Conquest HD

When you want premium views, this new class is worth considering. Whether you’re watching birds from afar or looking at the detail on insects, you will see colors vibrantly and naturally. Along with that, the binoculars are lightweight and perfect for carrying around. These HD innovative lenses allow for more light to enter, which means you can view even before dawn and late into the evening; no matter the weather. You can have a premium experience and enjoy viewing nature at its best.


Compact, lightweight and high performance are all important factors for binoculars and those are everything you gain from Conquest binoculars. They are designed with quality in mind and the image and colors you see will leave you astounded. They are perfect for all, whether you love to watch birds and view nature or want to take an adventurous trip of a lifetime. They are useful in the twilight hours when watching the owls, viewing birds from afar and even using in your own garden for pleasure. With many options in the Conquest selection of binoculars, there is something to suit your needs and budget.

Conquest Compact

A lightweight design is something many are after, and exactly possible with Conquest Compact binoculars. They are great for adults and children alike, whether you’re viewing nature on holiday or taking your children on a fun excursion in the backyard. In fact, they are excellent for small hands, as well as fitting into the pocket. The lightweight will mean small arms are never tired while still offering the quality images of the larger options. You will gain detail and contrast, no matter what type of activity you are involved in.

Zeiss Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

Victory RF

How close can you get “a great distance” to you? With the Victory RF selection of Rangefinder binoculars, you will never have to guess the answer. The lenses offer bright and brilliant images while offering the high-performance all desire. The measure of distance is offered within seconds with this selection of laser rangefinder binoculars. The distance measurement comes from the optoelectronic instrument that is designed to offer near-perfect results.

Victory PRF

When you need a rangefinder that is small and light, the Victory PRF is the place to turn. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at architecture, viewing nature or golfing with friends, the technology for calculating laser range is second-to-none but commonly undervalued. There’s no need to guess or estimate the distance. You will see just how close you are to your options.

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