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There are thousands of different bird species all around the world, and many birdwatchers love to take trips just to see birds in their natural habitats. One popular state to go bird watching is Queensland, Australia, and there are many places that can offer people the best view of one of nature’s most beautiful little feathered species. For anyone about to head to Queensland here is a list of some of the best bird watching spots:

Birdwatching in Queensland Australia

Bowra Sanctuary

Bowra Bird Sanctuary is the residence of over 200 species of birds. The sanctuary is open from March to October, but the best time of year to go is in the months of August and September because that is when the wild flowers are in bloom, and the whole area is alive with color. For people who want to stay a few days to watch the birds, there are housing accommodations that contain major appliances and beds. However, if people prefer, they can also camp out either on the ground or with a camp trailer.


In Cairns, there are one dozen endemic bird species, and 430 bird species. However, it depends on where people are going as to the amount of birds they will find. Each region in the Cairns are has their own weather situations, and therefore, their own species of birds to observe. The best way to get to Cairns is to drive there, and the Daintree Village can offer things like boat and walking tours for bird lovers.

Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area

The conversation area is over 100 hectarea, and is located on the Gold Coast. The area has been recognized for the bird and plant life that live within it. There are at least 125 species of birds that visitors can see in the conservation land, but visitors need to be aware that there are no facilities available, and people are encouraged to please share their records of birds and add their findings to their enormous database.

Bird watching is a great hobby that people have, and they love it so much, and find it so relaxing, that they plan their vacations around going places to watch birds like Australia. When going bird watching in Queensland, Australia, there are many places that people can go to enjoy seeing their feather friends in all of their natural glory.



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