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When it comes to high quality binoculars, there are several brands to choose from depending on what your particular needs are. Each brand also offer various binocular model lines. These will vary on quality and price. Below is a short list of some of the more popular binocular manufacturers today:

Best Brands for Binoculars


Well known for their excellent cameras, Nikon also makes high quality binoculars. Nikon specialises in light-weight and easy to use binoculars that appeal to a broad range of users. The magnification and clarity of Nikon is outstanding, and the brand is known to offer high quality images at a reasonable price. One drawback for some users is that Nikon binoculars tend to be less durable and sometimes don’t have the waterproof or fog resistant features that other brands have.


Another camera maker that also makes quality binoculars is Olympus. These binoculars are also known for excellent magnification images, and come extremely highly recommended by many binocular users. When buying an Olympus, you might want to invest in a hard case for them, as many Olympus brand binoculars come standard with a soft case with Velcro closures which may not offer enough protection for your binoculars. Another thing to consider is eye spacing, as Olympus tends to have slightly closer together eye lenses. You will want to try any of these brands before you buy to make sure the fit is comfortable for your eyes.


A popular brand for hunters and other outdoorsmen is Leupold. This brand is known for excellent long-range clarity and high quality night imaging. One thing to consider with Leupold is to be sure that you try out the particular model in person before buying. Because Leupold offers such a broad range of weights and sizes, and some models will appeal to you where others may not.


Fujifilm offers a plethora of different models of binoculars. Several of their series of binoculars have very high-quality features such as water-resistance and image stabilization. This makes them excellent for viewing from a moving boat, so they are an excellent option for a fisherman or water bird-watcher.


While Canon have been reported as not being quite as durable as some of the other brands, they are an excellent value. Canon binoculars are high quality and they do offer models with image stabilization and other great features. They are easy to use and known for being lightweight, which makes them a great option for novices or kids, as well as a quality choice for more experienced users.


Zeiss is known for excellent quality binoculars with high magnification and ergonomic designs. Zeiss models are lightweight with excellent focus control. They are also known for durability, water and dirt resistance and easy cleaning. Another great feature is the lifetime transferable warranty offered by the company. Some of the most highly rated binoculars out there are made by Zeiss.


Leica offers extremely high quality images. Certain of their models contain fluoride lenses which yield crystal clear color and resolution. This brand is durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Some binocular users don’t like the placement of ridges on some Leica brands, so it’s best to hold one in person before you buy and make sure that the ergonomics work for you.


Besides making crystal jewellery, this company offers some of the highest quality binoculars available. They are considered to be high quality for imagining and magnification, while offering lightweight easy to hold designs that translate well to field use. Some Swarovski models offer a Snap Shot Adaptor which allows you to attach them to your digital camera and use as a digital scope.



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