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Binoculars are loved by many people for the obvious reason that they let you see details from a distance. As binoculars become less and less expensive, more people enjoy them and the hobbies they permit people to indulge in. Plenty of different people use them for different things.


Birding, or in the old days, “bird watching”, is one of the biggest binocular-based hobbies. Like most wildlife, birds will be apprehensive about people getting to close to them. Back yard birds may become accustomed to people and are happy to show themselves off at the feeder you provide. But more exotic birds in the wild won’t let you get to close. Binoculars are the very viable solution that lets you look up-close at distant birds. Binoculars that are physically larger are better for birding.

Marine binoculars are a bit of a special category. Land-based binocular use is largely governed by the viewing distance the size of the objects or animals you want to see. Viewing things out on the water requires a slightly different approach. “Marine Binoculars” typically are a bit bigger in your hands and actually have a lower magnification spec than some other binoculars.

There is a reason for this and it simple: you never really stop moving when you’re on the water-the constant rocking of the boat, even when gentle, makes it more difficult to focus. A slightly-less-powerful binocular, tweaked to take advantage of its own features, is the solution, and that’s what marine binoculars are.

Binoculars aren’t really rated for the skill level of the user. The user simply “grows into” them. The type of binocular-the magnification spec isn’t always about power, either. It depends much more on the type of terrain you are viewing. “Recreational” users of binoculars can choose a pair of Porro-Prism binoculars to view things from the deck for years to come. He or she only has to choose the magnification spec to match the landscape.

Hunters and other who are perusing a specific type of terrain should choose the more-durable Roof prism binoculars and choose the magnification spec that correlates best with the type of terrain-if you are sitting in a deer blind in the woods, you’ll need something different than someone who is hunting elk in the mountains or antelope on the open prairie. The type that’s chosen is only “better” if it is better, specifically, for where they are to be used.


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