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When investing in a quality pair of binoculars, it is important to be well-informed so that you get the perfect pair for your own needs. There are a lot of great options available and it can be tough to choose between two similar brands.

Best Brands for Binoculars

Basic Binocular Facts

Binoculars come in full-size, mid-size and compact size ranges. Full-size will be the ones reading 8×42 or 10×50 on the specifications. This size range offers the best optical quality, but they are also the biggest and will weigh more than other models. They are not preferable for backpacking, but if you are a serious outdoorsmen and need to view wildlife at a distance, or have steady views from a moving boat or vehicle, you need to go full-size. The mid-size ranged binoculars will read 7×13 or 10×32. They are a good compromise with excellent optical quality but small enough for serious sports like hunting. Compact binoculars ranged 8×25 or 10×25 are the way to go for backpackers. They are perfect for daytime outdoor use and they are the lightest weight and most compact binoculars available. The optical quality won’t be as good as the heavier models, however.

Comparing Between Two Similar Brands

Once you’ve narrowed down your search and you know what magnification and size of binoculars are going to work best for you, you might feel like your choice in binoculars should be easy. But you’re in for a surprise! There are so many well-respected manufacturers of quality binoculars that even once you know the specifications you’re looking for, it can still be really tough to find the ones that will work for you. There are few things you can look at to help sway you one way or the other.

First of all, if you are an eyeglass wearer, you need to look at the specifications for “eye relief.” This number tells you the distance between the eyepiece and your eye when looking through the binoculars. If you wear eyeglasses, you want to purchase a model that has an eye relief of more than 11mm.

For example if you were to compare the Nikon Monarch 10×42 and the Leupold Acadia 10×42, you’d find that the Acadia has a much larger eye relief: 25.5 compared to the Monarch at 16.4. This means that for someone wearing eyeglasses, the Leupold Acadia will likely be more comfortable and easy to use.

Your budget will play a role as well. Remember to read any reviews available online. You’ll find that there are many options for smaller budgets that can meet all of your needs.


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