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Boating can be a fun and exciting experience. Many enjoy boating as a simple pastime. Others see sailing and spending time out on the water as a way of life. No matter your outlook, the skill of marine navigation using binoculars can still be very valuable. Many may not see the value of such a skill at first. However, this talent can make you much safer on the water. Here, we will explore the world of marine navigation using binoculars. We will also let you know why this is a valuable skill.

Marine Navigation Using Binoculars

Get the Right Binoculars, First

Before you ever attempt any sort of marine navigation using binoculars (even during casual fishing or sailing) it is important that you invest in the right sort of binoculars. Typical binoculars just will not do on the water. Instead, you need marine binoculars. These often come outfitted with a compass, and are normally waterproof and also fog proof. Some, meant to be used at sea, may even be resistant to salt damage. Binoculars meant to be used in the water also have a smaller power of magnification so that you can see things near you without them appearing blurry.

How They Help

How can marine binoculars help with marine navigation using binoculars? There are plenty of ways. A few of the most common (as well as other reasons to get them) include:

– Being able to spot things like day markers and buoys in the water.
– Being able to spot strong winds and/or storms before they reach your boat.
– Clearly seeing things like lighthouses and shorelines before you get too close to them.
– Can allow you to keep your eye on other vehicles in the water. You can also use them to observe wildlife in the area.
– Get the upper hand on fishing when you use them to spot fish.

Other Navigational Tools

If you are interested in a different sort of navigation, like that of marine navigation using binoculars, there are also a few other handy navigational aids you can purchase. One of the most basic is, obviously, the compass. Sea charts, as well as star charts can also be great for manual navigation in the water. If you are looking for something a bit more high tech then you might want to consider a sonar device and/or a GPS device for your boat. All boat owners should also have the Coast Guard Navigation Standard Manual.



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