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Using binoculars, especially for astronomy, can be a much more affordable option than purchasing a telescope, but there are drawbacks to using them. Binoculars tend to be wobbly at extreme magnification levels just because of the natural quirks of the human body. As a person holds the binoculars to their eyes, a slight shaking occurs. This phenomenon makes it virtually impossible to focus on a specific star at the highest magnification.

Canon IS Binoculars


You could invest into a tripod that will stabilise the image for you, but this means you won’t be able to hold the binoculars to look at items. A good quality tripod can easily cost more than $200 and that’s a lot to add to the cost of already expensive binoculars. That’s why Canon’s image stabilised binoculars are such a great investment.

Canon Gives You Several Options for Image Stabilisation

Canon has created an entire line of binoculars with image stabilisation features that will work with every budget. The Compact models have a price point of about $700, while top end models retail for around $1,500. The minimum magnification that you will receive is 10x with Canon and if you’re willing to invest into a top model, 18x magnification is also possible.

The reason behind wanting binoculars is going to cause users to choose certain Canon binoculars. The lower magnification models tend to be the lighter models, making them perfect for those hiking adventures or afternoons spend birdwatching out at the beach. The stronger models can be pretty bulky, so using them out in the backyard to see the night sky is the perfect task for the higher magnification points.

There is one thing that must be remembered with the smaller Canon image stabilisation binoculars: you must press the stabilisation button continuously for the feature to effectively work.

What are the Best Models on the Market Right Now?

If you’re looking for the most powerful option for astronomy, then you’re going to want to consider the Canon 18×50 IS. These binoculars retail for around $1600 and produce a 4.5 degree view that can help users see separation between star clusters and some amazing details during a night when there’s a full moon. These binoculars come with a carry case, neck strap and batteries.

For birdwatching or general outdoor use Canon offers the 10×30 IS binoculars. These are a compact version and significantly lighter than the bulky 15×50 or 18×50. The Canon 10×30 are a perfect choice for someone who is looking for the best optical quality and image stabilisation in a portable design.

Another popular binoculars by Canon is the Canon 10×42 IS binoculars. These are the only Canon binoculars that are 100% waterproof and fog proof. They are a good choice if you need image stabilised binoculars to use during rough weather, extreme temperatures or over the water.


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