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It may be difficult to find the perfect pair of range finding binoculars. Your search can stop now if you consider investing in Carl Zeiss’s RF series of binoculars. The following information provided on the Zeiss Victory RF 10×45 rangefinder is based on a 3 month field test. It depicts the 3 different precision rifle shooters as they used the product to view and range targets from 25 yards to 1 mile hundreds of times. This full field test included 8 different rangefinders, therefore there is a very wide view of what to find in the right pair of rangefinder binoculars.

Zeiss Range Finder Binoculars

The advantage of the Zeiss Victory RF is that it is very accurate and has fluoride glass, which provides good optical quality and a large field of view. The ranging button is large and easier to push and the placement is ideal. The nice and light button will keep you away from moving off target while pushing it, it is kind of similar to a trigger on a rifle. The 45mm objective performs better in a lowly lighted are unlike the most common 42 mm.

Some negatives include its no reads offhand. It is also relitvely heavy and large with a blocky design. The Zeiss Victory RF displays a very accurate range but if you need to see beyond 1200 yards, this is not the rangefinder for you. The Zeiss Victory RF also has a large amount of no reads offhand at 600 and 800 yard targets. Yet most people still believe it to be the most accurate and reliable rangefinder there is.

The Zeiss Victory RF boasts one of the tightest beam divergences of any consumer grade binocular that are rangefinders. It is among the top performers. Zeiss uses fluoride glass for these models, so you can definitely notice that they have amazing clarity compared to other high-end binoculars on the market. Its 45mm lenses give it more of an edge compared to the other models in low light conditions as it can bring in more light. It also has one of the largest field of views for any of the 10x rangefinder binoculars, notably larger than many of the other models. The Zeiss Victory RF is extremely accurate with a max of 1600 yards and has the second lowest deviation standard of all models tested.

Overall the Zeiss 10×45 Victory RF binocular proved to be a remarkable high-end hunting binocular. It featured extraordinary performance, accuracy and optical quality that was second to none.


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