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Whether you’re just starting out or have become a serious birder, you may be looking into expanding your basic equipment by adding a spotting scope to your bird watching gear. If so, this guide will help you to understand how having a scope can add to the enjoyment and success of your bird watching.

Angled and Straight Spotting Scopes

How It Helps

You don’t need a spotting scope to do proper bird watching, but it does help to enhance the entire experience. Especially for certain types of birds, a spotting scope can help to view birds at a greater distance, or to allow you to see finer detail than you could ever see with binoculars. Scopes have a higher magnification power than binoculars, allowing you greater detail at a distance.

This can be especially helpful if you are doing any birding in a wildlife sanctuary, because they rarely allow anyone off the established paths. Staying on the established path is for the protection of the birds and wildlife within the sanctuary, so obviously as a bird lover, you will need to respect this rule. It can make you miss out on some of the bird viewing you could do if you go without a scope. Having the scope will allow you to view the birds at a greater distance, meaning you will miss less than if you go to the wildlife sanctuary with just your binoculars.

Practical Use

A spotting scope will be a good addition to your birding gear because it is so practical and easy to use. Soon you’ll be asking yourself how you ever managed without it. Scopes have the advantage of being very easily adjustable. Angled scopes can allow you to look upward easily, so you can get those perfect views of birds sitting in trees. In addition spotting scopes are designed to be very rugged, easy to carry around and set up.


Spotting scopes are also a great idea for anyone wanting to get photos of the birds they see. Either angled or straight scopes can be used very effectively for digiscoping with your digital camera, allowing you to get amazing high-quality photos of birds at very long distances.

If you’re a new birder or you’ve been bird watching for years without a spotting scope, now is the time to bring a new dimension of viewing capability to your hobby with a spotting scope.


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