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A spotting scope is an ideal device for magnification in target practice. Binoculars are not as powerful and telescopes are not as compact. A spotting scope is more powerful and portable. It is lightweight and very effective. Whether you are indulging in some target practice or intend to explore bird watching, a spotting scope is what you need. Here are some tips for using a spotting scope for target practice.

Spotting Scopes for Target Prcatice

  • You must find a comfortable place and position for yourself and for your scope. You cannot opt for rugged areas, uneven grounds or a place that is clearly disadvantaged considering the target. You must be able to view the target without any obstruction. There is no rule that says you have to opt for elevation or you need to remain at the same height or altitude as that of the target. You can be at an elevated place or at the ground level. It is not that relevant. What is important is that you should be comfortable because you need to stay in that place for quite some time and unless you are at ease, you will be fidgeting and may have difficulty in focusing on the target.
  • Once you find an ideal place, you must position your scope; mount it on the tripod or the fixture that has come with the scope. You should mount it firmly so that it doesn’t shake and that it is in the right alignment with the mount. You will have instructions in the manual which you must have on you for the first couple of times. Once you get used to the mounting exercise and have practiced it enough, you will not need the manual anymore.
  • You must adjust the magnification as has been instructed in the manual. A spotting scope may come with a standard magnification which cannot be tweaked or it can come with a range. Most scopes will have a range of magnification. Different designs and models have different setting up methods. You need to know the lens in the scope and how it has to be set right so you get the desired magnification.
  • Before you try to set the magnification and view through the spotting scope, it is better to check out the area using a binocular and then arranging the physical position of the scope so that it finds the target easily. If you have a large area to scout through the scope to find the target, it may take some time which you can avoid.


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