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Everybody has his or her own hobby and if it is bird watching, then you are in luck; especially if you live in Australia. There are many popular bird watching spots in Australia but here are just a few to get you started.

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The Kakadu National Park is in the northern territory, located just north east of Darwin. It is a tropical wet-dry zone and is home to one of the best of the 280 species of birds. In midsummer, storms sweep through the Indian Ocean and flood the low lying terrain and create sparse wetlands. The marshes bring in big numbers of water birds and travel large distances for breeding. The park is 20,000 sq. km and the opportunities have no end. Some of the birds to watch here are the comb-crested jacana, red-goshawk, magpie goose, and the Gouldian finch.

The Daintree Rainforest of Queensland is nationally recognised and brings in bird enthusiasts from all around the world who come to see over 430 different types of bird species. It is a tropical rainforest in the far north of Queensland and has wet conditions, fast flowing rivers, thick forests and rivers that give life to their inhabitants. The birds in this region are most prevalent during the summer. The birds to watch in this region include the Victoria’s riflebird, pied monarch, lesser sooty owls and kingfishers, keep a special eye out for the buff-breasted paradise kingfisher.

2600km northwest of Perth lies Christmas Island, a tropical island with patches limestone and rainforest cliffs that are populated with wanderers and seabirds. Their species are very similar to their cousins of Indonesia. It is also home to the yearly migration of red crabs that attract many hungry birds. The isolated and secluded birds of this island are tame and have no past with humans and natural predators. The Abbott’s booby, Christmas Island imperial pigeon and Christmas Island Goshawk are the known birds of this region.

Next are the Alherton Tablelands, also of Queensland and located west of Cairns. The most beautiful birds in Australia reside here. This dense rainforest was once a volcano and is the perfect spot to find male bowerbirds. Natural clearings where large trees have fallen attract seed eating birds, specifically the blue parrot finch.

Of western Australia, the Broome Bird Observatory holds 50 species of shorebirds and over 300 species of the 800 of Australia. Located on the mudflat shores of Roebuck Bay, thousands of migratory birds are known to gather here including the white breasted whistler and the golden whistler as well as the Australian raptor.


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