The Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope is the latest in scoping technology. The Vortex Razor HD gives you the best image magnification without any distortion or blur. This scope can give any hunter or nature lover the edge in spotting some of the most elusive of prey.

Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope

Eye spy

While most conventional scopes will help you zero in on your target with the Vortex Razor HD you can ensure that your shot goes exactly where you want it to. The Vortex Razor HD has:

Magnification: 20-60x
Objective Lens Diameter: 85 mm
Linear Field of View: 117-60 feet/1000 yards
Angular Field of View: 2.2-1.1 degrees
Close Focus: 16.4 feet
Eye Relief: 20-18 mm
Exit Pupil: 4.3-1.4 mm
Length: 15.3 inches
Weight : 65.7 ounces

With this superior tool at your side you will be bagging the big one in no time.

Additional features

On top of the above features the Vortex Razor HD also comes with a number of exclusive features that make it stand out from other similar scopes. For example Vortex Razor HD has Plasma Tech; a special lens coating process that provides both enhanced durability and presentation, XR Plus Fully Multi-Coated; a proprietary coating that gives the premier level of light transmission on all air-to-glass surfaces for extra brightness, and ArmorTek; an anti-scratch protective coating on exterior lenses to prevent dirt, oil and scratches from effecting the image quality. In additional to these the Vortex Razor HD is also fogproof and waterproof allowing for perfect sighting even on the wettest of days.

Game watching

Even if you aren’t into hunting the Vortex Razor HD is a perfect resource for animal watching. Whether its for birds, research projects, or just for the pleasure of enjoying wildlife the Vortex Razor HD gives you the best quality image resolution that it’s almost like the animal is right in front of you.


Overall the Vortex Razor HD packs a lot of power into one package. With its high definition image capability you can rest assured that nothing will be out of sight with the Vortex Razor HD at your side. Whether you are hunting, watching, or researching wildlife the Vortex Razor HD will keep your target in range no matter where they may run. While this scope may weigh a bit more than other similar scopes on the market it’s a fair trade off for the superior image quality it produces.


Why Procular?

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